Does Ponyboy Like Being A Greaser?

Is ponyboy a girl?

Ponyboy is a fourteen-year old greaser who lives with his two older brothers, Sodapop and Darry on the lower-class east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

His parents were killed in an automobile accident just eight months before The Outsiders takes place..

Who does ponyboy think started the fire?

Ponyboy thinks he and Johnny must have started the fire with a cigarette butt, so the boys jump out of the car to examine the blaze.

Is ponyboy a greaser?

Ponyboy Curtis, a teenaged member of a loose gang of “greasers”, is leaving a movie theater when he is jumped by “Socs”, the greasers’ rival gang. Several greasers, including Ponyboy’s two older brothers—the paternal Darry and the popular Sodapop—come to his rescue.

How did ponyboy lose his innocence?

Ponyboy Curtis Ponyboy is the main character in the story. … When Johnny kills Bob, Ponyboy had to go into hiding. Johnny and Ponyboy had to take care of themselves without the help of the older boys in the gang. This required Ponyboy to mature and that’s when he “Lost his innocence.”

What was Bob’s real problem according to Randy?

According to Randy, Bob’s problem was that his parents never set any boundaries for him or punished him for his misbehavior.

Why is being a greaser so important to ponyboy?

Moreover, why is being a greaser so important to ponyboy? Being a greaser gives Pony a sense of identity. Although he does not like the rumble and is nervous about fighting, and does not want to fight, he cares about his brothers and wants to stick up for his friends. He also respects his brothers and friends.

Where do Johnny and ponyboy end up at the end of Chapter 4?

They find Dally at the house of Buck Merril, his rodeo partner. He manages to get the boys fifty dollars, a change of clothing for Ponyboy, and a loaded gun. He instructs them to take a train to Windrixville, where they can hide in an abandoned church. Ponyboy and Johnny get on a train, and Ponyboy goes to sleep.

Why does sodapop sleep in the same bed as ponyboy?

Ponyboy values his sleep, though his troubles cause his own brothers to lose much of theirs in Susan E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders. Because of the Curtis’ small house, Pony shares a bed each night with his brother, Soda; Darry has the other bedroom to himself.

Why did Cherry and Marcia tell their boyfriends to leave?

Cherry and Marcia left their boyfriends because they were drinking too much. They decided to hang out with Johnny and Pony, but trouble ensued when they were leaving the theater and saw Bob’s car. Bob and his friends would not be happy to see their girls with greasers.

When ponyboy wakes up why is Johnny Gone?

Terms in this set (10) When Pony wakes up, why is he alone? Johnny has gone to get food and supplies for their stay.

Why does Dally hit ponyboy in the back really hard?

Ponyboy hears Johnny scream, and then Dally whacks him on the back and he “went down into a peaceful darkness.” Ponyboy wakes up in an ambulance, bewildered. Jerry Wood is with him, and explains that Dally hit him so hard because the back of his jacket was on fire.

Who died in outsiders?

JohnnyAt the rumble, the greasers defeat the Socs. Dally shows up just in time for the fight; he has escaped from the hospital. After the fight, Ponyboy and Dally hurry back to see Johnny and find that he is dying. When Johnny dies, Dally loses control and runs from the room in a frenzy.

Does ponyboy die?

He is killed by Johnny Cade. Bob Sheldon and his goons attacked Ponyboy and Johnny one night, and Bob nearly drowned Ponyboy. The only reason Ponyboy survived the encounter was because Johnny killed Bob to protect his fellow Greaser.

What does ponyboy think is worse than being a greaser?

what is it that ponyboy now thinks is worse than being a greaser? ponyboy says that the church gave him a “creepy feeling”- a premonition. … throughout this story, loyalty among the greasers is brought up quite often.

Who does ponyboy fall in love with?

Dally WinstonPonyboy is surprised when Cherry says that she could fall in love with Dally Winston. “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston… I hope I never see him again or I will.” Earlier, as the members of the Greasers watch the drive-in movie, two girls come and sit on the chairs where people without cars can sit.