How Much Can I Slow Down 60 Fps?

What FPS is best for slow motion?

60fps is used to record video that will be edited in slow motion.60fps, 120fps, and 240fps are all high frame rates used for slo-mo.Typically, video is recorded in 60fps and then slowed down to 24fps or 30fps in post production to create that smooth slow motion effect.More items…•.

Should I film in 24fps or 60fps?

As mentioned above 24fps is usually best for movies, 30fps is usually best for TV productions (such as news, drama and documentaries) whilst 60fps is better for sports footage. You also must consider the relationship between shutter speeds and frame rates.

How much can I slow down 60fps?

Here are some common overcranked frame rates with the respective percentages they should be slowed down to in post (in a 24p project/timeline): 30fps = 80% 48fps = 50% 60fps = 40%

Is 60 fps good enough for slow motion?

Most prosumer cameras will at least do 60 fps, which will slow motion down to half speed. Many now go up to 120 fps and specialty cameras will go even higher.

How do I slow down 60fps to 24fps?

Right-click and select “Modify > Interpret Footage.” Select “Assume this frame rate” and set the value to your timeline’s frame rate. Done. Now, Premiere will reorganize and stretch the existing frames in your 60fps clip to conform to a 24fps sequence.

Is 120 or 240 fps slower?

Generally videos are often set to 24 fps. (i.e. 24 frames in one second). … Shooting 120 fps or 240fps gives you more information in a shot. So when you play a 120 fps video in 24fps it will be 5 times slower.

Is there a difference between 60 fps and 120 fps?

Is the difference between 60 FPS and 120 FPS/144 FPS really worth it? in most cases no, you wont see a difference that will offer a “usable” edge over other players. the increase in frame rate decreases the time between frames technically decreasing any delay in between that 30 or 60hz would have.

How much can I slow down 120fps?

24fps ➗ 120fps = . 2, or 1/5 which is 20%. If you are unfamiliar with percentages in decimal form, here is a cheat sheet for you below at the bottom. Here is another use case.

Do you need 120 fps?

Do you need 120 FPS for a 120Hz monitor? No, you don’t. You can have low FPS and then connect it to a 120Hz monitor and you will have more than 120FPS. The lower FPS you have in the game and connect it to a monitor, the more FPS you will get.