How Was The Patriot Treated At The Beginning?

What would have happened if the Patriot has died in excess of joy at his?

The patriot thinks that if he had died in excess of joy at his tumultuous welcome after his grand victory, then God would not had cared for him, since he would had been rewarded by the people..

What is referred to as the best of the sight in the poem The Patriot?

Answer: The crowd gathered at the scaffold’s foot to watch the patriot being executed is referred to as the best sight.

Why was the Patriot welcomed as a hero?

Answer: The patriot was welcomed because he had won a grand victory. He did whatever he could do for his countrymen. And he did his best.

What happened to Benjamin Martin’s wife in The Patriot?

Anne Patricia Martin (before marriage as Anne Patricia Howard) was Gabriel Martin’s wife before she was killed in 1776 by William Tavington.

How was he welcomed the patriot?

Answer: The patriot is reminded of his past because then he was welcomed with roses and myrtle and now the same people are humiliating him and throwing stones at him and are going to hang him.

What was the significance of scattering myrtle leaves over the path of reception in the poem The Patriot?

It remains important in Judaism, being one of four plants used in observing the thanksgiving festival of Succot. So, myrtle leaves are used here as a part of the religious and cultural customs and as an aromatic to fragrant the glorious journey of the patriot in the poem.

Why do Martin and Gabriel leave the others at Aunt Charlotte’s house?

Explanation: The Patriot is a American historical film on war which was written by Robert Rodat. … In the movie, Martin and Gabriel leave others at aunt Charlotte’s house so that can hide from the British men during the war. They all hide in the plantation of Charlotte’s house but was burnt by the Britishers.

Did the church burning in the Patriot really happened?

The church-burning scene in The Patriot is actually based on an incident from World War II, when Nazi soldiers burned a group of French villagers alive. There is no evidence that a similar event took place during the American Revolution.

What tells you that the Patriot was over ambitious What was the result?

The patriot himself says that he would do anything in order to make his friends and family happy . He would even reach the Sun and bring to them . This tells us that he was over ambitious . The result of being over – ambitious was that people suddenly changed their attitude.

What is the theme of the poem patriot?

Explanation:The Patriot is majorly based on the theme of rising and fall of fortune. The narrator, the patriot is welcomed with feverish joy and paths of roses in the first two stanzas by the townspeople. But, by the end of the poem we see that those same people have humiliated and executed him, within a year.

What led the Patriot towards his downfall?

Rise and Fall of Glory Within a span of one year, the patriot experiences both love and lovelessness. One year ago, he was welcomed by the public with roses and myrtles. However the same public hurled stones at him after a year. This shows his downfall from a abeloved hero to a condemned traitor.

Who is the speaker of the above lines Why is his path filled with roses?

Answer. The patriot’s path was stewn with fragrant roses which is a symbol of love . It was people’s way of showing their love and appreciation to the patriot who had came after a grand victory thus people welcomed him with great zeal and enthusiasm.

What did the Patriot try to give his loving friends?

“Alack, it was I who leaped at the sun To give it my loving friends to keep!” suggests that his actions somehow caused the death of his own friends. All over, he means to say that even after such sacrifices he is going to end in a way he doesn’t deserve.

What kind of welcome was given to the patriot when he came back victorious?

Answer: (i) The speaker in this poem is the Patriot. He was accorded a hero’s welcome by the people exactly on the same day a year ago.

What does Myrtle symbolize in the patriot?

Path: It is used in the poem to symbolize the political career. Myrtle: It is a symbol of purity, love, innocence and generosity. Spires: A symbol for hopeful gestures and strength.

Is the Patriot a true story?

The popular film The Patriot is loosely based on the exploits of several real life historical figures including a British officer, Lt. Col. Banstre Tarleton and several American patriots: the “Swamp Fox,” Francis Marion, Daniel Morgan, Elijah Clark, Thomas Sumter and Andrew Pickens.

What does Myrtle mean?

As the myrtle spreads fragrance in the world, so did she spread good works.” Myrtle represents the community, thought of as a symbol of peace and of Eden and of marriage. … The plant has many, layered meanings—youth, virginity (before marriage), fertility, innocence, immortality, fidelity—but, above all, love.