Question: How Did The Narrator’S Psychiatrist Friend Analyse His Claim Of Being At The Third Level Of Grand Central Station?

Does the third level really exist at Grand Station?

Actually, there are only two levels.

There does not exist any third level.

The writer Jack Finney uses the Third Level on Grand Central Station as a medium of escape.

Consequently Charley wants to escape in the old world..

Why could Charley not reach the third level again?

He tried his best to find the corridor that led to the Third Level at Grand Central Station but he never found it. Since, the Third Level is just a medium for escape so Charley is not only lingering but has also entered into the world of fantasy and romance. Hence he would not be able to reach there.

How would you explain the ending of the story the third level?

The story the third level is written by Jack Finney. The ending of the story is quite sad which explains the psychiatric conditions of Charley who kept imagining throughout the story that he received letters from his friend Sam regarding the discovery of the third level of the building.

What was Sam invited for according to the letter the third level?

Answer: Sam Weiner had invited the narrator to the third level. It was worth it. It added that it was true, there existed the third level and he had found that.

How did the narrator reach the third level?

Describe narrator”s journey to the Third Level of the Grand Central Station at New York. One night he took the subway from Grand Central Station which was faster than the bus. … On reaching there, he went down the steps to the First Level.

How did Charley realize that he had reached the third level?

When Charley reached Third Level of the Grand Central Station, he found everything delved deep in the old style. In order to confirm, he went to the shop at a newspaper seller. He glanced at the stack of the papers and saw a newspaper named ‘The World’ of June 11,1894. This confirmed that he was in the year 1894.

How does the narrator’s psychiatrist friend react to the narrator’s statement that the third level exists?

How does the narrator’s psychiatrist friend react to the narrator’s statement that the third level exists? Answer: The narrator’s psychiatrist friend, Sam Weiner, says it is ‘a waking-dream-wish fulfilment’. He says that the narrator is unhappy and the modern world is full of insecurity, fear, war and worry.

What does the third level refer to what is the significance of the third level?

Answer: The third level refers to the Grand Central Station subway which will carry passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The station’s third stage was a means of relief from the harsh realities of everyday life for Charley, the narrator.

What is the theme of the lesson the third level?

The Third Level Theme The story, ‘The Third Level’ clearly explores the science fiction genre of ‘time travel’. Jack Finney, the recipient of the World Fantasy Award, interweaves fantasy with reality in his projection of time travel.

What was the psychiatrist reaction when Charlie told him about the third level?

What was the psychiatrist’s reaction when Charley told him about ‘The Third Level’? Answer: The psychiatrist told him that it was a walking-dream wish fulfillment. He also told that Charley was unhappy.

What unusual things did Charley notice on the third level of the Grand Central Station?

‘ At the Third Level, one can see flickering gas lights, spittoons, beards, side bums and fancy mustaches of 1894. There Charley glimpses a very small Currier and Ives Locomotive with a funnel-shaped stack. There the tickets are available in old currency. Charley returns and arranges for the old-style bills.

What was the strangest thing at the third level?

Answer: The new corridors and tunnels were trying to reach Times Squares and Central Park. But he lost his way and reached the Third Level. The strangest thing was the corridor that had led into the past.

Do you see an intersection of time and space in third level?

Definitely one can see an intersection of time and space in the story “The Third Level” since the story is constantly moving between the past and the present. … The Third Level at Grand Central Station is a medium of an easy escape for Charley. It is nothing but a ‘waking-dream-wish-fulfilment.

Why was Sam attracted towards Galesburg?

Sam was fascinated by Charley’s description of Galesburg. He was so burdened by the tensions and stress of modem life that he thought of escaping to the peaceful world of Galesburg. His advice to Charley is that, he (Charley) and his wife, Louisa should come over to Galesburg through the medium of the ‘third level’.

What is the irony in the end of the story the third level?

Despite dismissing Charlie’s ideas, he started searching for the third level. He eventually finds the third level to escape from his present-day life. It is quite ironic that he was no less interested in escaping from the stresses of real life than Charlie.