Question: How Thick Should Closet Shelves Be?

How deep should my closet shelves be?

24 inchesSome Important Numbers to Keep in Mind.

A clothes closet should have a minimum depth of at least 24 inches deep, so the clothes can clear the back wall.

Shelves for women’s shoes should be spaced about 6 to 7 inches apart.

Shelves for folded clothes should be placed around 12 inches apart..

How many pounds can a closet shelf hold?

Typically, wire shelving maxes out at around 80 pounds. However, being made of steel, the tough, dependable EZ Shelf can hold up to 200 pounds (without securing to studs in 1/2” drywall) and the EZ Shelf heavy-duty garage shelving can handle even more—a whopping 250 pounds.

How deep should a linen closet shelf be?

15 to 24 inchesThe typical reach-in linen closet is 30 to 36 inches wide and 15 to 24 inches deep, says Scott Davis, vice president of product development and marketing at Closetmaid, a storage system manufacturer, and can be found either in a bathroom or a hallway near the bedrooms.

What is a good size walk in closet?

A standard full-size walk-in closet for two people should measure a minimum of 7 by 10 feet. It should preferably have an area of 100 sq. ft as this allows you to have storage units on all three walls with even a sitting area in the middle. In case you want a smaller one, small walk-ins can be built in as low as 25 sq.

What is the standard height between shelves?

Average Shelf Spacing A good average spacing for shelves is between 8 and 12 inches. If you have oversize books to store, you might prefer to increase the spacing to 15 inches.

What should be in a linen closet?

Why every home needs a linen closetduvet covers and inserts, comforters, and blankets.pillows, pillowcases, and mattress covers.sheets, pillows, and towels for guests.regular and holiday-themed tablecloths, placemats, and cloth napkins.toiletries and other bathroom supplies.

Are walk in closets a waste of space?

With storage space, you could actually get too much of a good thing. Walk-in closets may bolster images of success and comfort, but having all of that stuff around can take away from creating a haven in your home. … “The American walk-in closet is an incredible waste of space.

What is a good shelf depth?

1. The shelves shouldn’t be too deep. The standard depth of most shelves is 16 to 20 inches deep. The highest shelf should be shallower, like 12 inches deep, to make those items easier to access.

Are built in bookshelves outdated?

Revamp old built-ins with paint. The best and worst thing about a built-in bookcase is that it will be a major part of the room’s design forever. And if yours are outdated, they can make the entire space feel drab. … It makes it feel more like a piece of art than a built-in bookshelf.”

What is the best way to organize a linen closet?

Purge your non-essential linens. … Always put things away clean. … Sort and organize your linens by category. … Use boxes, bins, and baskets to store and separate your linens. … Don’t forget about fabric bags, zippered plastic pouches, and space-saving bags. … Store sets of sheets in corresponding pillowcases. … Label your linens.More items…•

How big should a master walk in closet?

A walk-in master closet should be a minimum of 7-by-10 feet, and preferably 100 sq. ft. for two users. That gives you space to line two or three walls with shelves, cubbies, and poles, and the elbow room to reach them easily.

How high should the top shelf be in a closet?

Ideally, the top shelf of a closet is high enough to tuck items out of the way, but low enough that you can retrieve them without a stool. The recommended shelf height is between 87 and 96 inches from the floor. The shelf should also sit at least a foot away from the closet ceiling.

Why do stored linens smell?

So even though your sheets are perfectly dry when they are placed on the shelf, they absorb the humidity in the air providing a great environment for bacteria and mildew. The organisms’ waste is the source of the musty smell. … Run a fan in the room until the shelf is completely dry before storing clean sheets.

Are walk in closets worth it?

Walk-in closets provide ample storage. Shoes, jewelry, make-up, clothes — everything can be found at the same place at the same time. A walk-in closet helps in removing clutter from both your bedroom and the master bathroom.