Quick Answer: Does Anyone Live In The Willis Tower?

Is the Willis tower open to the public?

The health and well-being of all Skydeck visitors, partners and employees is our top priority.

Skydeck is closed to the public under the State of Illinois’ Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations, and couples will be limited to four guests total per private party (couple and two guests, such as a photographer)..

What is the Willis Tower used for?

OfficeWillis Tower/Function

Who owns the Willis Tower?

The Blackstone GroupWillis Tower/OwnersWillis Tower is owned by Blackstone and managed by EQ Office. The tower is home to more than 100 businesses including law, insurance, transportation, financial companies and more.

Does Willis Tower have apartments?

If you’re one of the more than 10,000 people who work at the Willis Tower, you have a great selection of nearly 6,000 apartments at fifteen towers within a 15-minute walk. Two towers with an additional 900 units are under construction.

Are there residents in Willis Tower?

Approximately 43,000 miles (69,200 kilometers) of telephone cable runs through the building – enough to stretch across the continental United States 15 times! Willis Tower was designed for more than 12,000 occupants. Approximately 25,000 people enter the building each day.

Is the Willis Tower safe?

Under EQ’s management, the building has held its SAFETY Act designation for the Willis Tower Security and Life Safety Services since 2013. The DHS recertified the tower’s SAFETY Act Designation in 2018.