Quick Answer: What City Is Known As The Big Smoke?

What is the meaning of Big Smoke?


a large city, esp London.

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Why is Belfast called the Big Smoke?

“Old Smoke” – reference to the observation that in the Victorian era, while much of Ireland (Dublin excepted) remained rural and agricultural, Belfast became the island’s primary industrial city.

What are the 6 cities of Toronto?

1998 amalgamation On January 1, 1998, Toronto was greatly enlarged, not through traditional annexations, but as an amalgamation of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto and its six lower-tier constituent municipalities; East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, and the original city itself.

Why is Sydney called the Big Smoke?

Which Australian city is nicknamed The Big Smoke? “The big smoke” simply means “the large city/town relevant to the conversation”. … Norfolk Islanders (who are only arguably Australian) have referred to the settlement of Burnt Pine as “the big smoke” in comparison to where they’re living.

What city is known as the city?

New York City is also known as “The City” in some parts of the Eastern United States, in particular New York State and surrounding U.S. states.

What is Toronto’s nickname?

surely HogtownToronto’s most unique overused nickname is surely Hogtown (or, perhaps, “T.O.”) For a city that’s conspicuously pig-free, it’s a strange title to bear in the age of condominiums and skyscrapers, but one with an interesting history. Here’s the backstory on Toronto’s most famous nicknames.

What is the nickname of Canada?

the Great White NorthThere are many stereotypes about Canada and Canadians that other nationalities get wrong. But when the country received the nickname of the Great White North, people were telling the truth. Here’s why Canada is sometimes referred to as the Great White North.

Why is Big Smoke a meme?

The meme originates from 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which young gangster Carl “CJ” Johnson comes home from a 5-year absence to investigate his mother’s murder. … This complicated order has become a meme.

Is Toronto called the Big Smoke?

It refers to the city’s reputation for successful urban planning. “The Big Smoke”, used by Allan Fotheringham, a writer for Maclean’s magazine, who had first heard the term applied by Aboriginal Australians to Australian cities.

Where is Big Smoke from?

Los SantosBig Smoke was born in Los Santos, likely in Ganton due to his close relationship with Sweet and Carl Johnson, and he later joined the Grove Street Families.