Quick Answer: Why Does Mr Lear Weep By The Ocean?

Why does Mr Lear weep by the ocean and on top of the hill?


However, in my opinion, this poem seems to be a poem to write about him when I read about the wig-like beard.

The description about he weeps by the side of ocean and he weeps on the top of hill.

Weep emphasizes the painful feelings about Lear..

What is Mr Lear profession?

During his lifetime, Edward Lear (1812–1888) was a well-established artist and illustrator who did colored drawings of birds and animals, beginning his career as an ornithological draftsman for the British Zoological Society and then working as an artist for the British Museum.

What do you think the poem How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear is about?

Answer. In the poem How pleasant to know mr lear,mr lear is described as a an odd man and has contrasting characters . when the people talk about his bad experience he becomes ill tempered and queer. And as he feels bad he uses to weep by the ocean and on the top of the hill.

What is Edward Lear famous for?

Edward Lear, (born May 12, 1812, Highgate, near London, England—died January 29, 1888, San Remo, Italy), English landscape painter who is more widely known as the writer of an original kind of nonsense verse and as the popularizer of the limerick.

Where is Edward Lear from?

Holloway, United KingdomEdward Lear/Place of birth