What Does Outrage Mean?

What is a public outrage?

Meaning of outrage in English a feeling of anger and shock: …

Many politicians and members of the public expressed outrage at the verdict..

Is outraging a word?

Meaning of outraging in English (especially of an unfair action or statement) to cause someone to feel very angry, shocked, or upset: Local people were outraged at the bombing.

What is the difference between rage and outrage?

As verbs the difference between them is that rage is to act or speak in heightened anger while outrage is to cause or commit an outrage upon; to treat with violence or abuse.

Is Outrage an emotion?

Outrage is a strong moral emotion characterized by a combination of surprise, disgust, and anger, usually in reaction to a grave personal offense.

How do you use outrage in a sentence?

Outrage sentence examplesOnly when alone together were they free from such outrage and pain. … His reign was characterized by bloodshed and violence; the outrage of his son Sextus upon Lucretia precipitated a revolt, which led to the expulsion of the entire family. … To them persecution was an outrage upon Jesus’s teachings.More items…

What does outage mean?

1 : a quantity or bulk of something lost in transportation or storage. 2a : a failure or interruption in use or functioning. b : a period of interruption especially of electric current.