Why Does Rainsford Fully Understand What It Means To Be Afraid?

What causes Rainsford to know the full meaning of terror?

The general was saving him for another day’s sport.

The Cossack was the cat; he was the mouse.

Then it was that Rainsford knew the full meaning of terror.” The smile is what makes Rainsford believe that he is being played with..

What does Rainsford now know that he didn’t know at the beginning of the story?

In the beginning of the story, he believed that animals didn’t have any feelings. His partner insinuated that they at least knew fear as an emotion. … Now, as the story continues, Rainsford learns that Zaroff hunts man, and what better man to hunt than a calculating and world-renowned hunter?

Why does the General smile and turn away from the tree where Rainsford is hiding?

Has he ever lost a game? Why does General Zaroff smile and turn away from the tree were Rainsford is hiding? So that he can continue the game because it has only been four hours. … Summarize what happens to Rainsford and Zaroff at the end of the story.

Does Rainsford become zaroff?

Once Rainsford accepts that he must participate in Zaroff’s “game”, Rainsford becomes much like Zaroff. He becomes a killer when he kills Zaroff’s dog and then Ivan. By the end of the story, Rainsford kills Zaroff, and we don’t know if he has become like Zaroff.

What makes zaroff’s Rainsford uncomfortable?

What trait of Zaroff’s made Rainsford uncomfortable? The general was always “studying him, appraising him narrowly”. What is Zaroff’s passion? Hunting.

What do humans have that causes zaroff to think they will be challenging prey?

What do humans have that causes Zaroff to think they will be challenging prey? We can reason and we have courage and cunning. Why does Zaroff feel he has the right to hunt people? Because he has hunted everything else and we can reason.

What happens to Rainsford after he hears a gunshot while on the ship?

Rainsford decides to swim in the gunshots’ direction. He hears the screeching sound of an animal in agony and heads straight for it, until the cries end abruptly with a pistol shot. Exhausted, Rainsford reaches the rocky shore and immediately falls into a deep sleep.

What type of game does General zaroff say is the most dangerous?

General Zaroff’s rationale is that the human mind relies on reason and logic as opposed to the animal mind which simply relies simply on instinct. Therefore, this ability to think through a situation is what makes man the most dangerous game. According to General Zaroff, the most dangerous game is man.

What does Rainsford say is the most dangerous big game to hunt?

But I got the brute.” “I’ve always thought,” said Rainsford, “that the Cape buffalo is the most dangerous of all big game.” For a moment the general did not reply; he was smiling his curious red-lipped smile. Then he said slowly, “No.

Where can I watch The Most Dangerous Game 2020?

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How is Rainsford like zaroff?

Rainsford and General Zaroff are also both extremely competitive individuals, who struggle against each other in the hunt that ensues in the story. Despite their many similarities, Rainsford is a sane, civilized man, while General Zaroff is a fanatical, insensitive murderer.

How do the sailors and Rainsford feel about the island?

The sailors do not believe the island exists, thinking that it is just a myth, even though Rainsford can see it. Rainsford believes the rumor that the island is filled with cannibals, but the sailors know it is just an island. The sailors believe it is a place of evil, but Rainsford thinks they are just superstitious.

How does Rainsford kill zaroff?

In Connell’s short story The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford was able to defeat General Zaroff. In the end, Rainsford is able to beat Zaroff by killing him. Rainsford is able to escape capture by making Zaroff think that he died. Rainsford returns to Zaroff’s castle, surprises him, and kills him.

Why does zaroff choose to hunt humans?

As everyone else has mentioned, General Zaroff began hunting humans because he became bored with hunting animals. … Zaroff’s capacity to reason presented him with an unfair advantage over the animals, whose natures he understood so precisely that he could always outwit them. He had turned hunting into a science.

How does Rainsford survive?

Rainsford must be hunted with General Zaroff and survive three days without the general killing him. Rainsford saves himself from a group of hounds by jumping of the edge of a cliff.

What is the climax of the most dangerous game?

The climax of “The Most Dangerous Game” comes when Rainsford jumps into the ocean. Zaroff has been chasing him for days. After Rainsford failure on the first day, Zaroff played “cat and mouse” with Rainsford, letting the prey remain free for a while.